Pictures of the Brood ❤🙈🙉🙊

Thought I'd have a little page of pics of the brood.. seeing as they are the reason i am doing this, and technically the stars of the show, without them I'd have bob to moan about.. i mean write about 😋 And also i guess i am doing this to keep me sane.. something to tinker about with while i am pretending to watch Ben & Holly or listen to how #1 & 3 got all their weapons 'hacked'... and the ' lagging' is getting beyond a joke (black box talk) ... i do listen a bit tho.. anyway.. random pictures.. some funny.. some normal.. some posed.. some taken by suprise 😎😎... And in addition if you are reading my blog occassionaly.. you can relate the #numbers to Faces 😁🤞


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