My Tips & Bits

I thought I'd start a little section on my penny pinching ideas, share with you how to make a few extra quid, along with other tips and suggetions on how to be resourceful! Time ⏲is a big issue for me being a solo mum, so everything i do has to be quick as are the 'tips & bits', short little exerts as and when i get time to write them here for you 🤣🤣. 


Lets be honest, no matter whether you are on a tight budget or not, everyone LOVES a bargain. I have learnt over the years that you have to be savvy about what you buy and when.. is it really a bargain 🤔, did you check the items price at other stores, seriously... will you really ever wear that, etc. And the best time [of day] to get the cheapest food bargains 🍕.


Having 5 children unfortunately means i have 5 birthdays a year and 5 sets of christmas goodies to budget for all on my own, i couldn't possibly buy everything in November and December, in addittion to this i have 4 out of 5, of my broods Birthdays spread across october to january.. (before, during and after Christmas 🎄 highly annoying 😣). Robbing a bank for the latter quarter of the year has crossed my mind several times over! 💰💲

Brand Deception 😁

🍅 Right, all my kids love a very well know tomato sauce product, and apparently cannot eat any form of 'freezer tea' type dinner as i like to call them without it (when time is limited and all fresh food has already been eaten 😊). So upon trying several different own brands it appears they all taste 'horrible', so to save pennies i now buy a very similar tasting one from the 'Green' supermarket and empty contents into the well known ketchup bottle. Thus saving me about £1.36 every purchase. The kids have not cottoned on (yet) and are so far duped my mummys deciet, (untill they read this that is 🙈). Note: the same can be applied to brown sauce, salad cream and mayonnaise 🤣🤣. 

Save the waste 🤣

🍦 This little tip, i thought about last week and have been doing it alot. Those who know me, know i hate wasted food... even down to half a yogurt 😁. So #4 & 5 sometimes leave half of their tubed yoghurt, product... so i fold over the top & carefully lay it down in the freezer... and have a small frozen sucker for them the folowing day, its obviously a known thing to do already, i am emphasizing less food waste and resourcefulness - doing it once opened (even if it is only for half a frube) 😉

Cheap Meat.. its all about timing

So, food shopping, trying to stretch my pennies i am a massive bargain hunter. My advise.. visit shops and head straight to their clearance sections at about 8.50am or 6pm.. this is when i find the best offers for reduced food that you can eat that night or freeze. As per my photos.. i brought over £20 worth of meat for less than £5. 4 pork chops for 75p and less fat mince for £1.10... i must have looked greedy buying it all 🤣🤣 so felt the need to say ive a lot of kids to feed 👫 (freezer space needed obviously 👍). If u get some cheap meat or bread bargins.. then go around the shop after and base your meal around the bargain. I got some delicious cheese & onion bread, reduced cooked chicken.. teamed it up with a bag of rocket and i already had tuna & sweetcorn in the cubord... i fed 5 kids a great healthy meal for £2.86.. (excluding tins). After years of bargain food shopping i find a shop beginning with Co & ending in Op 🤔 the only one that reduces their meat up to 3 times on the day for a quick sale... #besavvywithyourshopping

All "in date" bargains.. every penny counts

Selling & Sales 👌

So as ive said in the blog I've started Christmas shopping. I start thinking about the festive season now, selling old stuff on local sites and ebay to fund December. I only buy sale goods and certain shops have fab sales on this time of year. Be savvy and use the sales! Also think about 'seasons' buying sale clothes items now for winter and buy a bigger size like i do as kids grow ALOT in 6 months!! 


I sell a great deal of my old but excellent condition kids clothes and toys in order to add to the christmas fund. Being an amateur Ebayer for over 15 years, i have learnt what sells and what doesn't. Obviously kids good quality clothes and toys and designer stuff.  Presented nicely in pictures with big bold headlines. Even trainers that are too small.. wash them. Second hand Branded items sell brilliantly. So think twice before chucking or charity shop dumping your old stuff! 


Another BIG tip of mine, that i have done this year is to buy stuff in sales straight after Christmas and sell them the next  christmas season (for a profit obviosly). I have bit by bit brought NEW christmas baby wear and will auction off late November, I paid only a pound or two per item (see photos) and then sell them as Baby Christmas bundles.. i make no where near the amount needed to say its a business and only sell like this about 3 times a year, so just pay the basic paypal selling rates. Plus it gives me an excuse to look at and buy cheap ickle tiny tiny baby clothes that are sooooo cute. I miss buying baby clothes but will NOT be having another baby myself 🙈👌🤣


As u can see some items are up to £15 each and i paid a quarter of that.. so remember 'BUY in BULK n BUNDLE'.. think ahead. H&M jumpers i brought for £2.. will sell them for £5.. around 75% profit 🤣 all towards my own Broods Christmas. Obviously this can all take a wee bit of time so i do it bit by bit from January. TIP: get delivered to store to SAVE poatage costs!! 

#itschristmasalready 🎄🎁😁

Summer Holiday HELL 😅😅

 I ‘cope' with the summer holidays, by trying to plan the odd day out, giving us all something to look forward too. This will be my 13th summer break to get through so.... 

• Once a week trip to the local Park or a Country Park (free national trus places are good) long walks will tire the kids out so that’s always a winner! Take a picnic! 

• My City turns the Square in the center of town into a Beach.. may go if I win the lottery, the sand and water areas are Free its the mass of rides, stalls & eateries surrounding it that i would need to re-mortgage for, as having 5 offspring a couple of rides are not cheap.. 

• The odd film day marathon - with lots of unhealthy nibbles 🙈,

best on rainy days of course! Spend quality time together as a family... Which basically means lets argue and fight all day, pause the film a hundred times to sort out said arguments, then finally give up on trying to watch it 'all together like a happy family' making mummy open the wine at 5pm instead of 8pm)

• Use the Apps that show you all the local events and activities on offer, totally recommended! I use an amazing app called ‘Hoop', others are available too, where u pop in your postcode modify the search to the age of your kids and if u want free activities/events or not etc.. 

•  Home activities.. I do alot of baking and cooking with my girls, and the boys like eating it, so its a win win for all! Obviously the usual arts and crafts, make paper mache balloons outside, dry & paint... this wether is perfect for messy garden fun! I have also been known to set up a little assult course in the garden using the slide, ball pit, hula hoops, tunnel, jumping across the colour sauares i have etc.. this is one to tire them out 😁 the winner is the firts one to fall asleep as early as possible in the evening 😅😅.

• With young kids join your local surestart group. They do amazing daytrip offers, I have just booked through my local surestart a trip to Twycross zoo for us all (6) for £32- travel & entrance so great if u r on a budget like me. 

• Local community centres often hold fun days throughout the summer holidays. So check out your local community centre!!.

• Meet up with friends as much as possible and drink a lot of wine 🤣🤣. As hormonal kids and toddler tantrums for 5 weeks will take its toll, and i do not want to end up in a padded cell by week 4, although this option will sound quite appealling by the 4th week I'm sure.. just so i can regain my sanity!!