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1st August

Wow.. its just gone 7.30am and #5 has only just woken up.. I am in shock.. maybe its the new ‘karma' in the bedroom, maybe its because the steroids have helped, maybe its because she didn't settle till gone 11pm, maybe it was the Gin I put in her bottle last night.. (joke! no need to call child services). However she only woke twice and to me this is a miracle.. I feel like a human this morning and that hasn't happened for over a year!!

So, I've mentioned the dreaded black box before and the arguments it can cause, not only does it turn #1 & 3 into crazed pyso killing machines it generates a language from my boys that I’ve never heard before (not swearing i may add) but a large amount of ‘street talk', maybe if this street talk was taught at school instead of French and Spanish #1 would ace his language tests 🤣. Anyway.. due to the house lay out the wifi has problems performing at a level that is acceptable for the boys.. this is something called ‘ping'. The higher the ping the more ‘lagging' which means they cannot play the game properly. The ping is at 1000+ upstairs.. not good. So i have made the drastic decision to bring the xbox to one of the tv’s downstairs.. GOD HELP ME!! But now the ‘ping' is on average about 30... so this has dramatically reduced the shouting, frustration and stress they previously suffered upstairs (stress.. at their age, over a game.. FFS😐). The moving of the box has several negatives and positives...

    I can easily monitor how long for and who is on the box

    I actually get to see the boys ( before it was room hibernation)

    I can hear/listen to who they are talking to and monitor the language used

    I can actually watch and see the games that take over their lives... 🤔 (maybe learn a little about them?.. nah.. who am I kidding- not my thing)

    #4 & 5 totally love all the music and dances that Fortnight has to offer.. so i request these are put on when i’m trying to prepare tea as it relieves my legs of constant grabbing and little people demanding to ‘help mummy cut up raw chicken' dont think so girls!!

    I dont have a lounge anymore.. its a gaming room... wen one # is playing.. you can be sure the other # is somewhere in the room watching every move his sibling makes.. one wrong move and all hell breaks lose. As they share one account all stats are collateral.. see my point.. they do actually  verbally ‘help' each other at times though to avoid death 🤣🤣.. so i guess that's a positive (bout the only time they do actually get on)

    Seeing #1 & 3's facial expressions during intense concentration... highly amusing. I must try and take a photo, then i can bribe them to help me when i ask or i will put the photos on social media 😅

    Batteries (for the wireless controllers) 😡 these have ben going missing out of toddler toys, remote controls and my lights... so last night i came downstairs to find #1 going through the toy box with a screwdriver in his hand.. this may sound like a case for a psychological referral... but it was simply just a hunt for more  AA’s. Along with him then asking where the second TV controller is “there are some in there mum”. My reply “u and your bro can do some flipping chores tomorrow and earn some money to buy your own and to also replace all the others too”

So as I type this its 10am.. and neither xbox addict has emerged from their pits upstairs.. and i know why.... because there are no batteries left anywhere.. little do they know i have a stash hidden under the sink for such occasions). I will use these this morning as bribery for things I want doing (like tidy bedroom & laundry etc).



#"ping" 😂😂

2nd August

I've just spent the last 15 minutes running around like a crazed woman looking for a ‘dummy' [correct name : pacifier but who on earth calls them that!! ]... I have a little box in which these magical nipple mimicking pieces of plastic live.. only when I'm desperate for one.. they all decide to play a game of hide & seek with me. #5 is grumpy and tired and needs calming down asap. I am lifting up sofas one handed with a screaming child on my hip (surprising myself at my own strength when stressed 😂) like Mr Incredible, I am commando rolling on the floor with a torch looking under all units... but can I find one, no. I remember seeing one or two lying around but they are no longer there.... arrgghhh. So I sit down with #5 trying to calm her, stroking her face with a cuddle, while cuddling I feel a lumpy thing wedged in the top of her nappy under her vest.. yes, u got it.. the bloody ‘pacifier' was on her all the time...  removed it and popped it in the immense noise making hole, finally my ears could relax again. She then falls asleep suddenly transforming into a sleeping angel 😇.... I  think I may buy an extra stash of secret dummies to hide.. to add alongside my secret stash of batteries 🙈.

So, over the past few days during the cooler weather (although today my garden was 30° by 11am #suntrap #poolout), I have been trying to do my ‘summer sort out'. Toy boxes, wardrobes, old shoes and coats etc. Even my kitchen cupboards- removing packets and tins of food which I thought  would be a nice idea to ‘try one day' and 2 years later are still sat unopened gathering dust with a use buy date of 2016! After doing these chores, which take hours longer than it should due to constant child based interruptions and demands, I got to the final box at the bottom of the toy stack. It was full of wooden Brio I'd forgotten about. My parents gave this to me a few months ago. It was my brothers and mine from when we were kids, so going back to the early 80's... Soooooo, while #4 & 5 nap I decided to make up a train tack.. all on my own 😂😂, while watching Corro on catch up. I really liked my track 🙈, and some pieces still even have pen drawn on them - which must have been my brother as he was the naughty one and I was of course the perfect one 🤔😁. I didn't actually want the babies to play with it once they woke, as after 1 minute of play, they get bored and destroying it, is obviously a great deal more appealing then playing with it properly, they spend more time breaking up my Duplo towers, Peppa Pig Lego houses & doll tea party displays then they actually do playing with them!!. There will be arguments over the ‘long red train' and pieces of track will be hurled across the room. I should have taken a photo so I can admire my high level of track design and architectural brilliance .😂😂

#4 & 5 are going through a very very very very loud annoying ‘fase' at the moment. It involves the word ‘MINE'. They both know its meaning and its causing some mega toddler tantrums from both parties. They literally stand in front of eachother like they're just about to duel, with rather angry faces, staring eachother out, taking it in turns to scream the word snatching back and forth the ridiculous item that started this ‘face off', earlier it was over a hairbrush, and just now it was over a remote control. I have many remotes in the house so tried to placate the situation by offering #5 one of the others... but as you know if you have kids.. that won't do,  it HAS to be the one they are arguing over. Next time I think I'm going to sit down with them during a “Mine-Off” and just start shouting MINE aswell... see what happens??

The amount of #4's tantrums and the duration of them is dramatically increasing. Could this be because the house is full of 5 kids and she isn’t getting as much mummy attention? Or is it just her natural development, finding out that she can make my life hell for up to 45 minutes over things such as ‘removing a permanent marker from her hand’. I've more stuff to do around the house and more arguments to continually break-up and resolve.. I'm sure they get a bit bored sometimes too.. we all do, but going out every day isn’t a option for me financially, and sometimes I just dont have the energy or impetus to do so, especially after hardly any proper sleep. 😕


#dummyhunting 🙈😃

5th August

5th August

Day 11 of summer break


Arguments Had: Lost count after it reached triple digits 😂

House Condition: Clean & almost tidy, keep finding dummies in stupid places like the freezer, and stuck behind bedroom radiator!!???? (why I didn't think to look behind a radiator or in the ice compartment of a freezer when I needed one is beyond me.. silly mummy 🙃🙃)

Chores Achieved: all bedding washed and changed. with 6 to do this is a MASSIVE chore.. especially in this heat!!

Amount of times Toy Story has been played: 0 (thank god), #4 is going through a Horrid Henry phase, which is ok the first two times you have the same 25 episodes on.. just waiting for NOW tv to change them.. 🤞 hurry up please 😆

Excursions Achieved : 1- lovely afternoon at a sports club celebrating my good friends girls birthdays, more... if you count trips to Lidl, CO-OP & B&M 🤣🤣 Buying my usual reduced food bargains – my God #1 2 & 3 can eat (feels like they never ever stop). Have been to the local park twice and had friends over for playdates, wine and archers & lemonade 😂

Recently i've decided that I gave birth to an angry cannibal and the symptoms are only just beginning to show. #5 is slowly ‘finding herself', she is getting very verbal and copying all the words I'm teaching her. Currently she mimics me well and randomly repeats  “no, stop it, driving me mad” quite well.. obviously she is hearing these phrases a lot 🙈. Although she is talking now it is not well enough to convey what she actually wants or means... due to this she has started to throw anything and everything in her path, usually and unfortunately for anyone who happens to be in front her, when she is holding a heavy toy, for example peppa pigs camper van or a wooden wriggling crocodile (that bloody crocodile really hurt my foot) resulting in one of us receiving an unintentional injury. Furthermore she has started to ‘bite' through frustration, unfortunately this is only focused on #4, as they are now in full blown ‘non sharing of toys’ stage. I have never had a ‘biter' it is my first time, and it's quite hard to deal with. I have read that it can be a normal part of a toddler frustration, their reaction to not being able to say or do what they are trying too. It's hard to discipline a 20m old.. apart from saying NO loudly, and get them to say the word sorry to the victim, they don't understand ‘time out’ yet and I can't take any form of technology off her for punishment. I wish I could, during one of her throwing sessions she grabbed her brothers ipad and hurled it across the room as such a distance and force Olympian discus athletes would be impressed. Resulting in the screen shattering. I am not happy, nor can i afford to get said screen replaced 😠😠😠.


10th August

So its day 16... just over the 2 week mark.. and I’ve thus survived. Had a busy few days primarily trying to amuse the brood & stop them killing each other so no time to blog!! I took the brood to Twycross zoo on Tuesday. Had an excellent time despite it being one of the hottest days of the week.. many a sweat on, walking around, plus animal poo and heat really don't mix. Thank god for the splash zone, so they could don their costumes and cool off after our picnic lunch. Luckily for me the number of dramas and tantrums were kept to a minimum... 👌😁, so I actually enjoyed most of the day too. The main problem was the fact #5 just wouldn't sit in the buggy... #1 2 & 3 and myself were chasing after her for 50% of the day, think I lost a few pounds through sweating and having to run like wind every few minutes! #4 also decided to throw her favourite ‘squish ball thing’ into the flamingos & pelicans sanctury, so while no crowd was around marvelling the beautiful pink birds, #1 decided to jump the fence and brave the huge pelicans slowly moving towards him. He swiftly grabbed the ball and climbed back before any animal could attack and luckily wasn't spotted by any zoo employee either, 🙈🙈(not an easy feat to accomplish while wearing flip flop sliders😂) all this just to stop #4 from having a meltdown. I’m just glad she didn't throw it into the chimpanzee pit 😂😂!


So the past 24 hours have been filled with next to no sleep, vomiting children (not felt good myself either but you cant stop or rest when you're on your own), temperatures, illness related crying and Calpol being spat back out all over my face and arm. 🤢🤒😷😧 I can only think that maybe we caught something at the Zoo or on the air conditioned coach..? The worst part of all this is that #5, being only 20m, cannot aim her sick, the other 4 have mastered toilet/bowl vomiting well and know when they need to move their ass to the bathroom or grab said sick catching containers! I know when I am about to blessed with yet another clean up operation from #5 as she falls to her knees, goes red and starts to wretch. Its horrible seeing little ones ill like this as they don't understand what's happening and start crying feeling scared. Anyway, every time I know the projectile is on its way, I tried to place a bowl in front of said child hoping to catch the contents of her stomach. Unfortunately, she doesn't like me shoving this in front of her face and pushes it away with force, so by 4am I mastered a technique of cupping my hands at exactly the moment i knew it was coming 🙈🙈 catching most of the projectile. It was a very long night, and by 6am we were just onto watery stuff (TMI🤣). I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, until she threw her head forward straight into my ‘fully loaded' cupped hands, que quick 6am shower for her 🤢🤢. Every sip of water was extracted 20 minutes later. This is still happening as I write. I am absolutely shattered, need a bath myself, have a mountain of washing to do, hardly any food in, and am desperately trying to air the house to remove that tainted sickie smell that seems to linger for days, no amount of smelly candles have really helped so far. I hope to wake up tomorrow and the smell will have naturally disappeared!


I've also just realised that I am making a fatal ‘mum' error during this bout of sickness; dummy sucking. Occasionally while tidying up I pop the stupid plastic things in my mouth, it reminds me to put them away safely in the dummy box, so I know exactly where they are when I need to plug up noisy holes. Completely forgetting they may have just left a sick bug ridden child's mouth, fingers crossed i will escape the vomiting germs 🤞🤞. I have just sterilized them all as #4 & 5 play the dummy swap game sometimes, so #4 will inevitably be showing me her projectile vomiting skills very soon. Sigh.


Once I receive more than a couple of hours sleep I need to plan another cheap trip out using the apps I've mentioned in my tip & bits page. It can be quite hard to find free places to go with activities that amuse teenagers all the way down to toddlers 🤔🤔. Along with trying to find some child care at some point to take the big 3 for the annual new uniform & shoes shop. Absolutely dreading it... time to rob a bank me thinks 🤣🤣.

Twycross zoo

More zooooooooo 🦁🦍🐒

16th August

Just over 3 weeks into the holidays, although it feels like 73. I'm unsure as to what day it is. I have no routine anymore and the daily chores seem to never get done. I wish someone would just come and take all 5 for a day bearing 5 little straight jackets, so I can get the house back in order and as neat and organised as it was 3 weeks ago! Yes, I am struggling mentally and physically. Its safe to say I am having an off day. I'm doing my upmost to stay sane and not turn into a crazed shouting machine. After #5 got sick, then recovered- every other child then took it in turn to be ill.. at one point there was a queue for the porcelain bowl.. with groaning kids all needing to empty their stomach contents asap.. it was horrendous. 4 kids being sick and feeling very ill, while a happy #5 merrily ran around making a lot of noise trying to play with and jump on her sick siblings.. I didn't sleep for 2 nights. One night I slept with #4 making sure I was semi awake predicting the ‘grab a bowl asap and shove in face' method to minimise bedroom splatter and volume of washing that I already had. Every time I felt her turn and moan, I jumped into action.. propping her up ready for the oral onslaught!! The morning after 2 days of ill children, it was 5.30am.. and my stomach felt like id been stabbed... yes it was my turn to suffer at the hands of this terrible virus and make the porcelain bowl my best friend for the next 8 hours.


So we are all recovered and went out yesterday for the morning although I still felt very weak, but the brood needed a change of scenery. Upon returning I noticed my foot (which had been bitten the previous night) started to feel very er.. itchy and tingly. With 5 kids I rarely bother to note any self aches n pains as important. However, two hours later my foot resembled a big red balloon ‘IT’ the clown would have be proud of! Hot and extremely itchy. After a call to the nurse and a trip to the chemist... I had an allergic reaction. A bit of Cream and oral antihistamine and its going down! I never knew the importance of a ‘biro' with such ailments, but being told to draw around the red area and check several hours later if it had swelled over the biro line, go get it checked. So, always put a biro in your first aid kit 😂.. It could save your life, the outer tube of named pen can also be used for an emergency tracheostomy.. (I had one at 2ys old, have an awesome scar across my throat 😁) but lets hope on your average kids day trip out all you'll need to use out of the first aid kit is a plaster or two!! 🤣🤣

All more than happy to munch icecream after #bug🤢

18th August

I was recently asked to talk to BBC Radio Nottingham again, this time about my views on the proposed social media cull. The Royal Society for Public Health are asking for a ‘Scroll free September’. I kind of understand why as it can easily take over your life. After my brood are settled at night, I'll nip on FB for a few minutes, looking at all the brain numbing posts; cups of coffee or someone's dinner (why people think others may be interested in their chicken and rice or Starbucks latte is beyond me), 2 hours later I'm looking at skate boarding dogs in Dubai and people jumping out of cars singing!! And we all have that ‘one friend' who likes to be cryptic, posting nothing but ‘Angry' or ‘ Feeling Sad', you spend the next half an hour scrolling through the comments trying to find out why, only to read that they have replied ‘PM me babe', not answering the question as to why they posted their status in the first place. It's like a black hole that sucks you in, you scroll and click, scroll and click and the next thing you know you're looking at a strangers holiday pictures in Australia.


I find myself popping on my phone to check my banking.. and that little blue square with the dreaded white ‘F' has a notification on.. I try with all my might to ignore, I've not got time to look, but its like a drug, I start sweating trying to resist the urge, my brain says no but my thumb is hovering over the blue square ready to attack, I can't do it, I need to know who commented or liked one of my pictures, Facebook 1, self control 0. It slowly but surely sucks you in, you are scrolling more and more without realising, before you know it its taken over your life and you can't escape, it becomes part of your daily routine. You are hooked!! I'm not sure how Mr Zuckerburg has managed to create something with such a strong, silent brainwashing ability, but he has, and its taken over, people now live through social media, he has stopped people physically talking to each other, (not to mention that we all have one thumb that is now slightly fatter than the other) through his invention... genius? Or a re-incarnated Hitler?? I wonder what he, Mr Facebook himself, would think to us all having a scroll free September?? The thought of not being able to look at my social media, lose myself in a vortex of inane rubbish, fake celeb stories and annoying American videos of fat hillbillies chopping wood, sends a shiver down my spine. These rectangle pieces of touch screen genius have become a part of us as much as our own limbs. As I blog online, I would find it very hard to give it up for a month as I love my work, my brood would wonder if I was ill or if I'd lost my phone🤣🤣!


Prior to starting my blog, I did actually take 2 months off social media at the beginning of the year. It really was actually quite liberating, hard at first but then I found I had that little bit more time to play with or just sit with my kids and actually watch a programme, instead of pretending too while having one eye on my phone. We've all sat down to watch TV, only too spend the whole half hour, tapping and scrolling on our media, with only one eye on the programme?? I had more time to do bits around the house, and my phone only needed charging once a day, instead of the usual 4.. so it was energy saving too, my thumbs also got a rest from constant movement!


So, this afternoon the brood will be putting down their glowing rectangles of addictiveness and I will be introducing them to the joys of shrinking crisp packets in the oven, the best bit being they have to eat them first!! It was fun, seeing the before and after.. try it with your brood! ☺ #2 has a You Tube channel called ‘IsabelleStarr Random', if you have a daughter around 10-13y they may be interested in having a look and subscribing?? She did a video on making the shrunken packets, others on slime & squishies also one on the worries and ‘how to survive' the transition to Senior school 👌👌. I thought she'd been hibernating in her room more than usual now I know why 🙈.


#2, rainy day activity


#2's new you tube channel ❤❤

20th August

Arrrggghhh 😑😑😑


Over the past few weeks I have learnt a lot more about #1,2 & 3, a year since the last school summer break.. they have changed 🙈🙈. I feel the need to rant about the below issues. They are now all hormonal and full of attitude and laziness, I can only describe the past couple of weeks on a parody to ‘being in love with someone, then u make the regrettable decision to move in together’ 😂😂. Little things really start to annoy you.. they are like mini grown ups now and should know better....


1. They seem to have an inability to flush the toilet sometimes. Major annoyance. Words have been had! 


2. T bags apparently live on the draining board once used.. the bin, RIGHT NEXT TO THEM.. is obviously invisable, causing a lovely brown watery river cascading into the sink, while contaminating any clean pots situated on the board.


3. MILK.. this too, once used, cannot be put away.. turning 45° to put said item back in the fridge is an unthinkable task.


4. Discarded food wrappers and crisp packets are happier on the bedroom floor or windowsill, and the new bin that has magically appeared in the boys bedroom for such items is again... invisible.


5. Discarded mugs/cereal bowls/drinks glasses, abandoned once contents have been consumed appear to belong to no one.. I represent these lonely inanimate objects, and in a court of law I would have overwhelming evidence as to who they belong too. However, trying to squeeze the truth out of the accused can be a long drawn out process. Suddenly I have a new found empathy for people of the law.


6. Piles of clothes on floors: bathroom and bedroom. This really is most annoying and can cause me much stress with a tendency to er.. ‘over react'. I think I've just tackled the laundry.. dark wash, light wash, pink wash and colours.. I walk in, to assess the state of the broods bedrooms only to be met by the odd item of clothing that should have joined its same coloured friends in the white cleaning box of magic...


7. Crumbs... I have a little ‘crumb hoover'. #1, 2 & 3 are aware of its existence, however when I ask for them to tidy up the crumbs (usually bed or sofa area) . I am still unable to comprehend how children of their age produce crumbs scattered in a meter radius of where they are sitting munching their snack, while also holding a plate underneath their holes of joy that needs constant fuelling. Anyway.. once asked they just brush the tiny bits of annoyance away with their hands onto the floor.. thus moving my stress from one area to another. Note: lessons are now in place in regards to the little white buzzing suction contraption they need to use.


8. Tea towels... these pieces of cloth are for drying clean hands and washed pots. NOT to be used to wipe up spilt milk, dripped tea on the floor, a napkin or to swirl up and try to attack a fly with.. the lesson on the purpose of tea towels ‘v’ kitchen roll will take place tomorrow.


Right.. I need to go and attack a cereal bowl I discovered earlier, tucked behind a curtain on #2's windowsill. I will be soaking, scrubbing and sand blasting as she had weetabix for breakfast. I sware hardened weetabix could be used for mortar, if one was building a house on the cheap.

25th August

Day 31 of the Summer Break. 😲😲


Mental state: I've lost it. All sense of reality or rational thinking have been completely taken over by illogical thoughts and letting the kids get away with murder... 😂😂.


Arguments Had: No Comment 🤔🤔 Come on... I've 3 pubescent, adolescent kids and 2 toddlers. Point made surely.


House Condition: Surprisingly still excellent.. I enjoy cleaning & tidying.. it keeps me sane 😁.


Chores Achieved: Usual boring house stuff plus a PJ & Clothes sort out. #4 & 5 have grown without me realising.. their limbs have either lengthened since June or I've shrunk their clothes in the wash 🤔🤔 I'm thinking maybe a combination of both 😁😁.


Amount of times Toy Story/Horrid Henry has been on.. 0. Unfortunately #4 & 5 have become obsessed with watching all the dances that the Xbox game Fortnight has to offer.. So its YouTube tastic at the moment watching these dances.. alot! In a way its good exercise and #4 & 5’s dance moves have greatly improved over the past week or so. At times, as #1, 2 & 3 are passing through the lounge... they all stop to join in and show off their dancing skills, obviously trying to ‘out do’ each other. I sit back and enjoy the scene where upon my lounge momentarily resembles a rave tent from Tribal Gathering.


Excursions Achieved: A few to the local big park, a short drive away and contains a zip wire, many huge swings, sports pitch & a den of beautiful trees the kids love to climb and hide in. Also a wonderful community led, inner city farm called Stonebridge, where you can feed the animals. (pics below)


Over the past few weeks I have noticed that #5 has suddenly gone from ‘a baby type human to a very self assertive, talking toddler (blink and you miss it). The tantrums are at maximum capacity, she is learning how to assert herself and cause so much noise I have to be a bad mother and let her win sometimes.. if only for my own sanity. Fighting regularly breaks out over toys, and #4 has been hit over the head by several Peppa pig characters, mainly Suzie sheep as this seems to be #5's favourite. I was only talking to Mummy Pig this morning about the annoyance of little ones not sharing and asked how she copes.. she advised that I should talk to my producers to write a feature length episode covering the next 7 days where all the children play harmoniously otherwise Granddad Dog will come and make them work at his garage for a week..??


Well I'm 40 in a matter of days... I'm not mentally prepared for this nor am I planning on celebrating. I will treat myself to a bottle of prosecco, a box of Toffifee and a helium filled balloon with the number 30 on.. tricking myself into believing I have not yet reached this milestone of a number. I plan (once the brood are settled in their beds) to drink the fizzy juice, while sat in my Bridget Jones pants, an oversized t-shirt and my dressing gown. Enjoying re runs of Friends, while consuming the helium... amusing myself at my high pitched voice while quoting every word Monica Geller says (she is my favourite and a lot like me.. a controlling clean freak). Time to tidy up and do some laundry, while deciding where to go for a couple of hours to relieve myself (and them) from this outnumbered house of 5:1. Being in the minority sucks 😂😂.



Stonebridge Farm

29th August

Well. Erm. Turning 40 in a day or so ish..


This is consuming my brain.


I am trying to rationalise it as I  count down the hours.. telling myself I will not wake up and look in the mirror seeing that I've  morphed into a wrinkled up grumpy old woman over night with sudden excessive facial hair.


Yes 40. 🎂


Can you tell I'm struggling.. 🤣🤣 possibly denial is even setting in.


Can't blog again until this day has passed. Wish me luck and any gifts of very expensive anti-wrinkle cream or facial hair remover would be much appreciated.


F*cking 40!!!


40... Arrggghhhh


p.s loving Morrison's baby offer week 🤣 the Pampers pull up nappies are awsome.. #5 has a very sensitive behind and these have not caused one tiny tiny patch of irritation unlike ALL other brands. I must go back and buy in bulk while on offer. (See... I may be having a breakdown about my age but always thinking about the brood too 😍😍🤣🤣)


Finally.. once this unsettling day has come and gone, I will have to edit the second paragraph on my Introduction page from “soon to be 40 year old solo mum” to just “a 40 year old solo mum” 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


Normal blogging will commence there on after... unless I suddenly feel too old to blog and my sense of humour escapes me (god forbid) 🎂😣😣


See you on the other side!!! The dark side... arrgghhhh 😂😂 and please share my blog if u like it... I need a Birthday boost!! 😘😘

Erm.... have I mentioned I'm 40 soon? Not sure if I have or not? 🤔