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Just sat here.. asking two toddlers to make mummy a tower out of the duplo ( so i can go for a pee on my own) sneak off.. hurdle the stair gate so not to make the ' click' noise they recognise as mummy escaping upstairs on her own.. how dare i leave the play room without each one attached to my hip.... well.. its time i rebelled and muster the balls to go to the toilet on my own... suck it and see girls.. i will do it.. and i will feel like i have achieved something..... 

Hi, im Rachael a 40 year old solo mum. I find it very hard and tiring at times... like every single mum does... and thought i would share my daily struggles and general stressful life of bringing up 5 kids on my own to the world... Many single mums out there I'm sure will empahise with me... doesn't matter if you are single OR have a partner.... to one or five children.. the struggles and stress, the fun and love, worries and frustration are all parallel... I will talk (rant!) about being a single mum... share our life and events in my own little way. I've 5 bundles of joy.. (loose term.. as sometimes there is no joy when the elders are arguing over whos turn it is to play the dreaded black box.. aka the Xbox) anyway.. 2 boys, 3 girls.. ranging from 18months to 13y.... its interesting, fun, rewarding, exhausting... and not recommended 😂😂.


One minute I  am changing a nappy and putting peppa bloody pig on the tv.. seconds later I  am being asked about sin cos and tan maths homework... while trying to cook 3 different teas as somehow all my children like different food, (although I brought them all up on the same sorts of food 🤔🤔)... but hey ho.. I want my kids to eat, anything for a easy life and limited tantrums... ! 


So, head up to the menu above, my life blogging starts in June. Join me, in my funny  hetic, stressfull, emotional, fun filled journey of  beimg a solo mum to 5. I hope you laugh along with me (or at me, I dont mind) and return to read my  struggles and comedic child based incidents..😁🙈. I'm sure many of you can relate and emathise.. we can do this.. bringing up kids cant be that hard can it?? 😂😲😲

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